Aiken – The Thoroughbred City

Aiken, SC, historically known as “The Winter Colony” and “The Thoroughbred” is a quiet and classy small city with a lot to explore. Aiken, a favored winter retreat for wealthy late-19th century Americans from northern climes, is known for its appreciation of pastimes such as thoroughbred horse racing and the fine arts. Explore the history of horseracing and steeplechase at the Thoroughbred Hall of Fame or riveting seasonal events like the Aiken Triple Crown. The University of South Carolina Aiken and Joye in Aiken are wonderful places to catch performances of dancers, musicians, and other artists. Don’t miss the Aiken Center for the Arts for art exhibits and its shop featuring the works of local artisans. Book a stay in an historic estate such as Rose Hill, or an historic hotel like The Willcox. Another carefully preserved piece of Aiken is Aiken State Park. More than 1,000 acres, 4 lakes, 25 campsites, and a 1.7 mile stretch of the Edisto river make this park a hotspot for Aiken any kind of nature-lovers. There is something for everyone in Aiken. For those with refined tastes or simply a love for quiet country towns, Aiken is the place to be.

Dining in Aiken

Aiken’s culinary scene is as experienced and refined as its history. From 5 star restaurants to 5 minute stops, even the casual spots share a sense of elevated care, technique, and flavor. Whether you’re taking a lunch break from the horse track or stocking up for a camping trip, Aiken restaurants are sure to impress and delight.

Spend a Fun Day in Aiken
Shopping is a treat in downtown Aiken – one stop on your daytrip to this charming Southern town!