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I’ve been writing all year about the importance of buying things we EAT from local farms, the huge benefits of knowing where your food comes from and the added value of supporting local farms. But what about dietary supplements we add to our daily regimen in the hopes of improving our health? I certainly don’t know where my vitamins and supplements are made, where the ingredients are grown, or how they’re grown. After a little research for this article, I decided to check out the labels on bottles of ginger root I’ve bought in the past… and I still don’t have any idea where the stuff is grown or how it’s grown, only that it’s BOTTLED in the USA. Geez. Not helpful.

Danielle Smith, Master Herbalist

Master Herbalist Danielle Smith set out to change that.   After studying under an Advanced Master Herbalist for several years and receiving her Master Herbalist Diploma from the Centre of Excellence, she established Carolina Holistic Farm, located in Swansea, SC. On this one-acre micro-farm, she raises a variety of plants from which she creates herbal teas and herbal tea blends. Each tea blend is filled with natural active constituents that will support your body and health.  Each herb is grown on their farm to ensure quality, and Danielle uses farm practices to safeguard the environment (no-till method), organic farming practices with no synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s or pesticides, as well as sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices.

Problems sleeping? Try Carolina Holistic Farm’s Relaxing Blend.

Since ancient history, humans have relied on plants to cure what ails them. The FDA doesn’t regulate the growing of plants unless there are medical claims stated on the label. Then they step in and regulate. Carolina Holistic Farm makes no medical claims, but their teas are from organically-grown plants that people have used down through the millennia for the treatment of allergies, baldness, arthritis, asthma, incontinence, female hormones, fibromyalgia, kidneys, libido, longevity, osteoporosis, PMS, prostate, rheumatoid arthritis and more. And who wouldn’t agree that a nice soothing cup of chamomile tea before bedtime helps with restful sleep?

Order teas and tea blends online!

Folks can order the teas online and either have them shipped to their doorstep or they can skip the shipping fees and pick up their orders at the farm on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 6pm. You can purchase teas, tea blends, seasonal flowers, and vegetables at the farm as well. Have any questions about the teas? Give Danielle a call at 803-687-8454 or email her at

Carolina Holistic Farm

2145 U.S. Highway 178, Swansea, SC 29160

(Drive down the driveway to the third (3rd) residence on the right.)

Open Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 6pm

Phone: 803-687-8454


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