Happy Cow Creamery

Located in Pelzer, SC near Greenville, Happy Cow Creamery bottles high-quality fresh milk directly from their udderly happy cows. “Happy?”, you ask.? Well, they graze freely in Trantham 12 Aprils Dairy pastureland, farmed specifically with forage that’s meant to improve the dairy products from this happy herd. The cows aren’t confined and that helps them… Continue reading Happy Cow Creamery

Table Rock Tea Company

As much tea as we southerners consume, you’d think there would be tea plantations spread throughout the South. But tea growers are a rare breed in the United States, and local growers are found just here and there. Tea plants require a lot of rain, and in general, the climate across the country is not… Continue reading Table Rock Tea Company

Christmas Tree Farms in South Carolina

Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com

Create your own cherished holiday memories with a fresh cut South Carolina Christmas tree!

Windy Hill Orchard and Mill

Windy Hill Orchard and Mill is open every Fall for u-pick apples, farm stand apples and apple products, hard cider, tastings and frequent special events.

South Carolina Waterfalls

Waterfalls – magical in their visual beauty, their serenity, their sound… these five waterfalls in South Carolina are easy to get to – from mere 10 minute walks to one-hour hikes. All are rated family-friendly. Licklog & Pigpen Falls “You have to hike part of the 77-mile Foothills Trail, followed by a section of the… Continue reading South Carolina Waterfalls