Gypsy Wind Farm

Take a country drive this week and visit Gypsy Wind’s SC Certified farm store located in Blair, SC (between Newberry and Winnsboro). The store sells products that they raise on their farm, using no pesticides or herbicides in their pastures:

  • Lamb – Frozen by the cut or 1/2 or Whole (they raise Barbados Blackbelly which is mild-flavored and tender with less fat than wooled breeds)
  • Barbados Blackbelly Breeding Stock
  • Mangalitsa Pork (considered the “Kobe of pork”)
  • Mangalitsa Breeding Stock
  • 1/2 or Whole Pigs
  • Pasture-raised Chicken (Whole/Frozen)
  • Eggs from very happy chickens
Mangalista Swine (curly hair)

As well as products that come from their neighbors’ farms:

  • Vermont Cheese from Happy Cow Creamery 
  • Happy Cow Butter, Salted and Unsalted      
  • Congaree Milling Company’s Grits and Meals 
  • Jams, Jellies and local pickles and relishes
  • Hand-crafted items by local artisans

Gypsy Wind Farm

3005 Buckhead Road

Blair, SC 29015 Phone: 803-369-1078

Hours: Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm; Sun 11am – 5pm (They also set up at the Fairfield Farmers Market)

Don’t forget to get your Agritourism Passport book stamped!

Gypsy Wind Farm website here. Facebook page here.

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