Haiti Earthquake Devastates Region

Lexington, SC

Local Lexington couple Wade and Janet McGuinn founded the Haiti Children Project in 2005 following Wade’s mission trips to Jeremie, Haiti. Wade was tremendously moved by both the poverty he saw and the abandoned children he encountered there, and he felt God calling him to do something to help – big time.

The Haiti Children Project invests in people, not projects, to help Christian leaders build a better Haiti. Future leaders with real-life skills and education investing in their own future. The Project has made a real difference in the lives of children by assisting them out of poverty through education. Donated funds are used to pay tuition and fees for elementary and secondary school. Their Next Generation Haiti program assists graduating children in obtaining higher education. Graduates of the program have included new physicians, teachers and other professionals making a difference in their own community.

Beyond educating the kids, the Project also has helped tremendously in providing COVID vaccines and other needed medical supplies to the region it serves.

Unfortunately, the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on August 14, 2021 affected the region that the Project serves. Over 2,000 people were killed and 12,000 were injured. Blessedly, none of the children who are being helped by the Project were lost, but the workers and educators who were directly helping with the Haiti Children Project were not as fortunate, nor were the families and townspeople. 136,800 buildings were damaged or destroyed. The Project immediately sprang into action and provided tarps, food, water and medical supplies to those in need.

How You Can Help

The Project could certainly use some financial help to continue to assist these families in rebuilding their lives. The Haiti Children Project is accepting donations and would deeply appreciate any help you can provide. Please click this link to donate to their Facebook fund-raising effort here. Or you may visit their website and make a contribution (single or recurring) by clicking here.

Please share this page with others so that they may receive an opportunity to help as well. Thank you! God bless.

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