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honey bee on tiny blue flowers

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz. Does the word “busy” come from that phonetic sound? Maybe. If it doesn’t, it should. Bees are some of the busiest, most organized, and downright amazing creatures on our planet. Did you know that bees perform 6 different jobs during their lifetime (yep, they move up the ladder as they age) or that they are the only insect that creates food for man? If you enjoy hands-on learning and fun in the great outdoors or you’re downright curious about bees, you are in for a treat at Beeyond Bees.

Hive+Honey™ Tour Experience: Arrive at The Ivy Place (a beautiful wedding venue and strawberry farm in Van Wyck SC near Indian Land) where Beeyond Bees operates their hives. You’ll be introduced to your hosts, suit up in a traditional beekeeping suit and veil which they provide, then head to the apiary. You’ll learn all about bees here as the beekeeper pulls frames and delves into the world of bees and their incredible impact. Ask questions – it’s absolutely fascinating to learn about these little fellows! You will be able to hold a frame of bees and get your picture taken too. After de-suiting, let the honey tasting begin! You’ll taste 5 selected honey types – you won’t believe the differences in the tastes of each honey – each paired with selected hors d’oeuvres. You’ll also receive a keepsake jar of honey to take with you.

Tours are held in September and October each year. Currently, the cost is $79+ tax per person. The tours are limited to 10 participants each.

It’s important that we learn about bees and value them. The decline in populations of honey bees has made pollination management an increasingly important part of protecting our food crops. And we can help by growing plants in our own backyards that help support bees.

You can learn more about Beeyond Bees and schedule a tour here.

two honey bees on sunflower center


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